German A1

Level A1 consists of levels A1.1 and A1.2.

Learning Outcome

  • Visual reception (reading): Can understand isolated words and very basic sentences in simple, clear, every day texts that deal with specific areas and needs of daily life.
  • Aural reception: Can understand familiar words and basic structures in connection with him/herself, his/her family and things in the immediate, concrete surroundings if the other person speaks slowly and clearly.
  • Spoken interaction/reception: Can interact in a simple way: use simple words, everyday expressions and common structures in very familiar situations, can ask questions and answer them and make simple statements and react in a sufficient way.
  • Written interaction/production: Can write short, simple phrases related to personal details and particular concrete situations. Can note down facts and dates as key words.


  • Topics: Introducing oneself, saying hello and good-bye; numbers, days of the week, times, personal information/biography: age, family, work, hobbies; going shopping, ordering in a restaurant, cooking, eating; information on places, past events