B1 qualification for prospective students of all universities and Hochschulen in Bremen and Bremerhaven

Proof of language competence via the German Abitur certificate:

School qualifications are accepted as being equivalent to language tests/certificates for the A1, A2 and B1 levels.

A1 at least 1 year in school
A2 at least 3 years in school
B1 for those who did their Abitur in year 12 (G8) at least 6 years in school - through to at least year 11; for those who did their Abitur in year 13 (G9) at least 7 years at school - through to at least year 12.

Proof of competence by means of B1 language test

Register for a test date here

After you have successfully registered for the test, you will receive an Email request to pay the necessary fee.
The test fee is €40.
Please bring your passport or ID card to the test.

You will be sent an EMail the following day with the result of your test. A certificate confirming you have passed the test will be deposited in the independent learning centre (Bremen University, GW2 A 3070) and you will be sent an EMail after the test telling you when the certificate is ready for collection.

Some tips on preparation

Information about the B1 language level

Prepare on your own with the help of the learning portal

Prepare with the help of the tutoring programme

Prepare by attending a course

Test format B1 English

  • 10-minute individual discussion on the following topics: you, your work and studies, leisure time (hobbies, holidays, travel) and future plans. 
  • 30-minute language test on PC (vocabulary and grammar, reading comprehension)

Acceptance of existing language certificates and qualifications as proof of English language competence

Please note the new procedure for having existing English language certificates and qualifications accepted as proof of B1-level English competence.