From flat sharing to apartment

Whether you want to be alone or together with others, whether in a student residence, in a communal flat or in a separate small apartment - state your preference and we shall do our best fix you up. Please understand that we are unable to make any firm promises as to exactly where you will be able to stay. Student residences are especially in demand and are usually first to be booked out. But you will be sure to get a suitable room. A lot of our private addresses have been letting rooms to our guests for many years, so we know them to be good.

In a student residence
This includes all forms of "student accommodation". It could be that you are allocated a room in student residences run by the University. It is not unusual in Germany, though, for students to live in normal flats, two or three students often sharing the flat, or even a whole house. Since many students are away during the holiday periods, they let their accommodation to summer students. You always have a room of your own, but often have to share the bathroom, toilet and kitchen with others.

In a room belonging to a family home
A lot of families are interested in meeting international students and prepared to offer them a room in their own home. They are pleased to let any spare rooms to summer students. You live together with the family and this is the best way to make contact. With but few exceptions, these are normally single rooms. The bathroom and kitchen are shared with the family.

Alone or together with others in an apartment
In this case you live in a separate apartment, either alone or together with other summer guests. You remain independent of any host. With very few exceptions, accommodation of this type is in single rooms. You either have your own kitchen and bathroom, or sometimes you may have to share these facilities with maximum two to three other summer guests.