Advice on autonomous language learning

Independent language learning

Would you like to learn a language or refresh and improve what you already know through independent study? Because you want to learn something specific, are unable to find a suitable course at your level, would like to be flexible with the times you actually study or want to work independently with specific media resources .....?

The FZHB offers a personal language learning advisory service to guide you  and make it easier for you to set off down the road of autonomous language learning.

At the first session you learn how to ascertain what your level is at the start, you discuss your objectives with your coach and consider ways to monitor your own learning process. You learn about the study materials and resources which are available for the language you want to learn and which best suit your objectives and needs. You may also be referred to a language instructor for your target language.

The advisory service covers all languages, is provided free of charge, and is available in the independent language learning centres at the University of Bremen and the Hochschule Bremen. If you would like to make use of our advisory service, please register beforehand in the respective independent learning centre.

University of Bremen

  • Thursday 11:00 - 12:00

in the independent learning centre for languages (ILC) GW2, Room A 3070

How to register

This advisory service is offered only during the semester.