Providing evidence of existing language proficiency

Evidence of existing language proficiency

For almost all German courses, it is mandatory to provide evidence that your German language proficiency level matches the entry level requirement of the course you wish to appy for.

You can determine your current level of proficiency by doing the placement tests offered by the Goethe Institute. If your level is not sufficient, you can then register for a German course to attain the required level. (see Placement).

If you already possess a language certificate or equivalent (e.g. an achievement certificate from a language course), then do the following:

  1. Register as a participant of the Centre for Foreign Languages (FZHB). (This is only necessary if you have never registered for a course online.)
  2. Bring along your language certificate to the Administration section of the FZHB (Mr. Hachmann or Mrs. Jaene) or send your certificate by e-mail to
  3. You can then register on-line for the course of your choice.

Important: Please only register for a course for which the entry level matches your current level of proficiency!

If you do not possess any certificate attesting to your language proficiency, a Placement Test is mandatory!

If you require further advice and information, please contact hochschulkooperation-bremen(at)