Tutoring programme

The tutoring programme supports you if you would like to learn a language autonomously.  You are responsible for your study plan and for how you learn. A tutor will accompany you, provide you with support, and advise you about motivation, time management, learning strategies, materials and project work.  You may use all the resources and materials in the ILC for free. Further information about the tutoring programme.

Blended learning courses

Blended learning courses are a combination of traditional face-to-face teaching with forms of e-learning and some independent study. Further information about our blended learning courses.

Tandem language learning

"As the name suggests, two people have to make an effort in order for both to make progress" (J. Wolff)

Tandem involves the communication of two native speakers with different origins who help their respective partner to learn the other language. The partners decide on the topics of their exchange themselves. Basically, tandem is a form of autonomous learning which is not a substitute for a language course but instead builds on it and/ or complements it in a useful way. The tandem partners themselves decide what to do in order to meet their particular language needs and personal interests and are placed in a situation where they have to take more responsibility for the progress they make with their language learning. Further information about tandem learning.

How you benefit

  • You can work at times which suit you:
    You can learn without taking part in a particular language course. You yourself decide on your study schedule and  how quickly you learn.
  • Rich learning environment:
    A wide variety of learning paths favour your individual learning success. In the  independent learning centres you will find printed media, traditional audio/video media and a networked pool of computers, enabling you to use several of your senses to absorb learning content.
  • Authentic material:
    The independent learning centre provides free Internet access, contact and exchange with native speakers and video conferences, for example, and thus gives you the opportunity to participate in an authentic way and at the touch of a button in the language and culture of the country whose language you are learning.

Further information

If you have any questions about studying in the independent language learning centre (ILC), please contact Anika Müller-Karabil.

Please direct any questions about the tutoring programme to Astrid Buschmann-Göbels.

Independent learning centre for languages (ILC)

In the independent language learning centre (ILC) you can learn languages autonomously – using the Internet and computer-based, multi-level, language-learning software. We have over 150 language-learning programmes for over 40 languages available and will be happy to advise you about how you can obtain the most from your autonomous language learning.

Here are the rooms and opening times of the independent learning centres at Bremen University, the Hochschule Bremen, the Hochschule Bremerhaven and the Hochschule für Künste.

We offer a free learning advisory service for those using the independent learning centre.

Click this link for all the information on how to register for the independent learning centre.