Course certificates and credit points

Course certificates

We will issue you with course certificates which state your course results - these certificates are known as "Scheine" in German.

At the beginning of the course you and your course instructor will decide on the course objectives and the tasks necessary to achieve them. Not only your course instructor but you yourself as well should regularly check your learning process and your learning outcomes. Where are you at the moment? Do you still have your objective in sight? You should regularly do tests (especially where you test yourself) - and especially at the beginning, in the middle and at the end of the course.

The course certificates also show the credit points you get for the course. The number of credit points for the course is given in the course description.

Tips and further information

Your faculty will be able to tell you whether it will accept the credit points you earn for interdisciplinary courses, i.e. courses which do not form part of your degree curriculum.

If you are not sure how you can achieve your learning objectives then come to our language learning advisory service in the independent language learning centres at the University and all the Hochschulen. The times are listed at Independent study. And don't forget to ask your course instructor as well.

How many credit points do I get?

The rule is: you get one credit point for 30 hours of anticipated learning time.

Why do you get 3 credits for a course consisting of 30 hours of face-to-face teaching (= 2 SWS)?
In order to achieve the course objective as a rule of thumb, you need 30 hourse of face-to-face teaching (2 SWS), for this you get 1 credit point; twice as much time for independent study - e.g. in the FZHB's independent language learning centre - plus a test / course examination at the end and the time needed to prepare for this = 60 hours. This earns you 2 credit points.

NOTE: credit points are awarded only when you take the language exam at the end of the course and pass it.